Convergence Theory of Refer Pain and Dry Needling Effect


It is evident that muscle pain deriving from any type of lesion can refer pain to other deep somatic tissues, yet not just locally. The convergence theory as depicted from animal experimental study of Mense 1994 explains the pain referral sequence. Central sensitization to adjacent spinal segments is present due to nociceptive input from skeletal muscle and myotomes outside the lesion.

More is Less Vs Less is More

Regarding rehabilitation/ training and nutrition most us, are bombarded with lots of methods for overcoming an injury or accomplishing our goals. There are several rehabilitation/ training and nutrition methods nowadays, yet we are confused what is the right method to use and specifically what is the right timing. The More is Less and Less is More Principle that derives from the KISS Principle (Keep it Simple Stupid) is the smartest way to keep you in control of your rehabilitation/ training and nutrition.