BB Classes Description and Schedule



Initially to establish programming that reflects your abilities and goals, you must complete an assessment which evaluations your posture, body injuries and joint range of movement.


KIN Bracketed Reg 1

Το KINSTRETCH είναι μια καινούργια μέθοδος γυμναστικής που έχει ως αποτέλεσμα τη βελτίωση της κινητικότητας και ευελιξίας, την αύξηση της μυϊκής δύναμης και της νευρολογικής λειτουργίας, την απώλεια βάρους, την πρόληψη των τραυματισμών και τον πλήρες έλεγχο του σώματος.

More is Less Vs Less is More

Regarding rehabilitation/ training and nutrition most us, are bombarded with lots of methods for overcoming an injury or accomplishing our goals. There are several rehabilitation/ training and nutrition methods nowadays, yet we are confused what is the right method to use and specifically what is the right timing. The More is Less and Less is More Principle that derives from the KISS Principle (Keep it Simple Stupid) is the smartest way to keep you in control of your rehabilitation/ training and nutrition.