More is Less Vs Less is More

Regarding rehabilitation/ training and nutrition most us, are bombarded with lots of methods for overcoming an injury or accomplishing our goals. There are several rehabilitation/ training and nutrition methods nowadays, yet we are confused what is the right method to use and specifically what is the right timing. The More is Less and Less is More Principle that derives from the KISS Principle (Keep it Simple Stupid) is the smartest way to keep you in control of your rehabilitation/ training and nutrition.

Firstly, in terms of rehabilitation the more treatment methods used as a therapist, the worse the patient’s outcome measures. In the acute phase, flaring up the body with too much stimulus, the human body will tend to act negatively. As a clinician, choose the most effective rehabilitation methods and apply only 1-2 methods per treatment session. This way you can easily assess and re-evaluate the patients’ outcome measures. Moreover, any type of injury needs time to fully recover, so do not believe anyone that will tell you in couple of days you will heal completely.

Furthermore in training, one of the biggest mistakes is combining more than 1 training method (energy production) in a single workout/ training block such as Strength, Conditioning, and Flexibility/ Mobility etc. Your body functions best if it has been trained under a single energy production system. Skeletal and cardiac muscles are 2 different living tissues that need different stimulus. As a Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighter, runner or recreational athlete it is best to choose 1 training method/ energy system for an optimum training outcome. An additional benefit for choosing 1 training method/ energy system is that you can monitor and plan your recovery more easily. Your recovery status will determine the intensity of your training. If you do not recover fully, there is great chance that you will not perform at your best. If you continue, the chances of overtraining symptoms are unavoidable, and an injury might develop.

Lastly, in nutrition always choose a nutrition plan that you can maintain, yet you tried it before. The best diet is the one that you can always follow with great results, minimizing deficiencies. The more nutrition changes you do on your nutrition plan, the less effective it will be. Do not mimic what other people do, yet your body’s metabolism is totally different than the person next to you.

My recommendation is that if you use the Less is More Principle, you will have better results, yet you will always be in control. This simple and effective principle can be applied to other aspects of life.

Always consult with a health professional and do not pretend to be expert.

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