Nervous system facts while training


What really happens to our nervous system when we train? Does it fatique as well? What kind of exercise affects it most high intensity or low intensity? Do we get injured more easily when our nervous system is low?

One simple tip for cooking beans


Beans were the Roman gladiator's main source of protein. As for the Greeks, beans were considered as a symbol of democracy. The benefits of beans in your diet are endless, yet in today's post we are going to talk about bean cooking. As suggested from Hofmekler's book 'The warrior diet'' (an alternative diet methodology), to eliminate gas formation, bloating, and water retention the correct cooking bean regime is:

Ten tips to consider if imaging is recommended for low back pain


It happens that in Cyprus, MRI usage for diagnostic purposes is very common. Most orthopedics are prescribing MRI's for diagnosis of all conditions either acute or chronic conditions. As Flynn et al. 2011 depict, an MRI and other diagnostic tools can be unnecessary most of the times and at the same time can have a negative effects on the patient.

Convergence Theory of Refer Pain and Dry Needling Effect


It is evident that muscle pain deriving from any type of lesion can refer pain to other deep somatic tissues, yet not just locally. The convergence theory as depicted from animal experimental study of Mense 1994 explains the pain referral sequence. Central sensitization to adjacent spinal segments is present due to nociceptive input from skeletal muscle and myotomes outside the lesion.