Nervous system facts while training


What really happens to our nervous system when we train? Does it fatique as well? What kind of exercise affects it most high intensity or low intensity? Do we get injured more easily when our nervous system is low?

Well, these are equally great questions for someone that is currently training either for any type of sport or fitness. Our nervous system fatigues as well as our body does with exercise and it should be noted that high intensity exercise affects our nervous system the most. After any strenuous type of training our nervous system needs to rest. The rest period can be between 24 to 48 hours depending how intense was your workout. When our nervous system is fatigue, you can injured easily.

As Dr. Osar depicts in his book Form and Function (a great book to read!) occupation, gait, exercise selection, activity level, level of stress, and nutrition can influence nervous system function. In addition, when personal training/ coaching take place exercise selection, adherence to the proper form, proper cueing, and constant reinforcement are important training elements that are vital for nervous system function. Negative inputs that can affect our nervous system are: sedentary lifestyle, pain and incorrect training regime.

My advice to you is you better train smart!