3 forgotten laws of functional training


Today, I'm going to talk about the 3 fundamental laws of functional training that any coach/ trainer or individual that trains should be aware of.

Here they are:

  1. The Law of Facilitation. It depicts that 'when a nerve impulse has passed through a certain set of neurons and caused excitation, it will tend to take the same path in the future and each time it does this, it will encounter less resistance with each attempt' (Osar, 2005, pp. 69). This goes back to falthy movements and postures while training. If someone that trains does not have the proper technique and posture, these faulty patterns are carried outside their training environment and towards real life.
  2. The Hilton law. It states that ' the nerves that innervate a joint also innervate the muscles, skin, and cutaneous structures of the surrounding area' (Osar, 2005, pp. 69). That's what Kinesio taping is all about. In training, the Hilton law is illiustrated when inhibiting the core muscles by wearing the weightlifting belt when exercising.
  3. The Sensory- Motor Amnesia law. It 'describes a condition that arises within the neuromuscular system in which decreased muscle recruitment results from a decrease in sensory input into the system (Osar, 2005, pp. 70). In training, this phenomenon occurs when someone is training on fixed plane movements such as machine resistance training. There is only one movement involved and the core stabilizers are should down completely. That is the reason why people get injured not only during activities of daily living, but also implementing this kind of training in sports.

I hope you find these 3 forgotten laws of functional training useful.

Evan Osar, 2005. Form and Function: The anatomy of motion. (2nd ed.), Fitness Education Seminars Publishing.