Pros and Cons of isometric training


The topic for today is around isometric strength training. Isometric training is a form of training that might be used to increase strength. Isometric training is a static contraction of any muscle group, in any joint angle. It's an old strength training method, yet if used in the right timing can boost your strength levels.

The Pros for isometric training are:

  • It can be performed with simple equipment
  • It can be used in any muscle group at any joint angle
  • 10 minutes of isometric work can be equal with 1 hour of weigh training, and
  • Surely, it increases of muscle mass

On the other hand, the cons of isometric training are:

  • Nervous system fatigue
  • Cardiovascular system can be affected as well
  • Increase blood pressure
  • Affects coordination, and
  • Decreases soft tissue elasticity

Isometric training is another form of training that you should incorporate in your workout regime even if you are an athlete or if you are just working out in your local gym. The important question that you might have is What is the correct and efficient method of performing isometric training?

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