3 strength training program elements that you should include in your workout regime


There are so many elements to think about when designing a strength training program. I will personally give you three useful tips to boost your strength program.

  1. Assess and then Re-assess. If you want to see if you are making any progress, just simple assess and then reassess. You can easily see if something work or does not work. Well, if it does not work do change it.
  2. Recovery. You should aim for 1-2 days per week. Your body will function better. At the same time, your results will be much better if your goals is fat loss, hypertrophy, or performance. Exercising every day is not the way you go, unless you are an athlete. You do not want to get bored either.
  3. Spice up your strength training program with Olympic lifting. At first, a qualified coach should demonstrate and show you the Olympic moves such as Clean, Jerk etc. Then you have to practice them with a PVC pipe or a broom stick, and then you train heavy. Challenge your body with Olympic lifting and stop doing those easy workouts.