Cervico-Cranio-Mandibular Therapeutics Seminars Review

If you want to boost your Continuing Professional Development in regards to Upper Cervical and Tempulomandibular Disorders, any of the 4 clinical courses (Comprehensive Cervico-Cranio-MandibuarCranio-MandibularCranio-Cervical, and Cervico-Brachial) offered by Tzvika Greenbaum, Physiotherapist (MaPT Manip & Sports PhD Candidate) are unique. In relation to research and clinically that treating the craniomandibular disorders will have a positive effect on cervical spine pathologies and vice versa. In a nutshell, Tzvika's teaching  style is simple and effective with lots of years of teaching at Tel Aviv Univerisity. His clinical experience is related mostly with TMD, spine and shoulder disirders. 

Testimonials of Previous TOP 30 DN Courses, JOSPT Systematic Review, and Video

Below are some testimonials of our previous TOP 30 DN courses from 2016 until now:

''Great course, totally enjoyed it.''

"Very good experience for me. I learn lot of things that will help me in clinic. Highly recommend it. Very good instructors!"

''After practicing dry needling for few days now, the results are fast and effective. I can not wait to use this method in the clinic. '' 

''Excellent presentation, answering all questions well, excellent approach!"

''Amazing spot on instructor! Very helpful.''

"Excellent organization. Great and interesting course. Excellent approach."

"The instructor, practical sessions, course administration, and practical relevance were 4 key elements of this course.  I highly recommend it to anyone".

''One of the most relevant clinical courses, I ever took. ''

"Very professional course. Andreas and Tzvika where very helpful and informative".