12/07/23 @ 20:00 Hip & Groin Free Webinar


An interactive Webinar that will provide participants with evidence-based principles for the evaluation and treatment of hip and groin pain.

Lecturer: Liran Lifshitz MSc PT
Msk and Sports Physiotherapist full-time clinician
Founder and Owner of Physio & More Clinic
26 years of experience in sports (former Israel’s national team PT for 12 years)
Chairman of the Sports Physiotherapy Interest Group-IPTS

Testimonials of Previous TOP 30 DN Courses/ Videos

Below are some testimonials of our previous TOP 30 DN courses from 2016 until now:

''Great course, totally enjoyed it.''

"Very good experience for me. I learn lot of things that will help me in clinic. Highly recommend it. Very good instructors!"

''After practicing dry needling for few days now, the results are fast and effective. I can not wait to use this method in the clinic. '' 

Cervico-Cranio-Mandibular Therapeutics Seminars Review

If you want to boost your Continuing Professional Development in regards to Upper Cervical and Tempulomandibular Disorders, any of the 4 clinical courses (Comprehensive Cervico-Cranio-MandibuarCranio-MandibularCranio-Cervical, and Cervico-Brachial) offered by Tzvika Greenbaum, Physiotherapist (MaPT Manip & Sports PhD Candidate) are unique. In relation to research and clinically that treating the craniomandibular disorders will have a positive effect on cervical spine pathologies and vice versa. In a nutshell, Tzvika's teaching  style is simple and effective with lots of years of teaching at Tel Aviv Univerisity. His clinical experience is related mostly with TMD, spine and shoulder disirders.