Personal Testimonial of the Manual Therapy Course for Headache and Orofacial Pain


If you are a physiotherapist, chiropractor, doctor, and athletic trainer and you want to enhance your knowledge and practical skills, I highly recommend this seminar. The course took place on May 26th, 2017 at European University Cyprus and it was for 3 full days of theory (40%) and practice (60%). The instructor was Mr. Tzvika Greenbaum.

Initially, the course covered the involvement of upper neck (C0-3) in relation to headaches and the similarities/ differences of upper and lower spine. Detailed clinical anatomy, structure and function of upper neck were covered. Furthermore, emphasis was given on differentiation of past and present neck pain, classification of different types of pain, and psychosocial approach to treatment in general.

In addition, clinical reasoning on subjective and objective assessment with case studies was provided to differentiate where the pain is coming from the neck, yet effective management was followed. Three most common types of headaches (tension type headache, migraine and cervicogenic) were covered in regards to diagnosis and treatment of upper neck joints and muscles. Enough time was provided for practice with targeted feedback from the instructor.


The second part of the seminar was related to temporomandibular disorders (TMD) rehabilitation mainly from degenerative and pain origin. TMD is the most common chronic musculoskeletal disorder only second to chronic low back pain (National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, 2005). Epidemiology, factors, clinical anatomy/ diagnosis, neck Vs TMD connection, and practical treatment regimens were covered with lots of supervision.

My favorite seminar’s quotes were:

“Doing the right thing at the right time” in regards to clinical reasoning.

“Evidence Informed Practice NOT Evidence Based Practice”. As clinicians, we should seek for information from research, have the right tools. The final decision should be derived from the patient in regards to treatment.

“No patience, NO patient.''

"Do not try to fix something that is working.''


''Always reassure the patient for better outcome measures.''

''The goal for physiotherapy is prevent acute patients to become chronic.''

In conclusion, this seminar offered more than expected. I was ready to use fast the techniques and I was really confident in terms of diagnosis and treatment of the upper neck and TMD. The clinical mindset and practical skills of the instructor were phenomenal.


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